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Prospela will narrow the gaps in experience for young people by connecting fully-trained, real-world employer mentors with pupils who otherwise lack access to such networks.  

– Russell Hobby, CEO TeachFirst

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What other students are saying

  • "I can see Prospela becoming the next big thing for us students"
    JannatulJannatulAspiring Pharmacist & Youtube Vlogger
  • "An incredible, eye-opening, experience. Having had a mentor perfectly tailored to my career choice, it was refreshing to hear someone give you a no-nonsense view of what your career is going to be like, letting you know about all the highs and lows of the real world."
    ZubairZubairTrainee Accountant
  • Genuinely, you have been a HUGE help. I honestly cannot thank you enough. I’d love to keep in contact with you going forward!
    MoUndergraduate, Engineering
  • "I hadn’t really had a memorable experience with an employer through school. They'd arranged for us to travel to careers fairs and talks, but the information wasn’t that in-depth or tailored to me."
    DanielDanielSales & Trading Apprentice
  • "Prospela gave me real insights into different industries, roles and opportunities in the business world. They helped me understand options best suited to both my aspirations and current circumstances. With their help and guidance, I was able to confidently secure a business apprenticeship and will now be studying towards a business mgt degree. "
    JoshBusiness Apprentice
  • "It brightens my day up somewhat when I see my Prospela messages"
    SophieAspiring Radiographer & Comic Artist
  • "Can’t believe that Prospela's pilot is going to end soon. I've really liked the fact that I always had someone to talk to about me and my future and getting to know about their careers!"
    ShirleyShirleyAspiring Dental Practice Owner
  • "You’ve given me amazing E-Mentor matches. It’s really helpful exploring the different career paths I want to take"
    HannahAspiring Writter

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