No idea how to craft your future career? No worries.

On-demand career discovery, live insights to work-life, and actionable career advice, from your own network of real employee E-Mentors, whenever and wherever you want.

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Prospela will narrow the gaps in experience for young people by connecting fully-trained, real-world employer mentors with pupils who otherwise lack access to such networks.  

– Russell Hobby, CEO TeachFirst

Employer encounters at your fingertips.

Discover Careers

What careers are out there for me?
Find out.
Discover careers and the people behind them.

Live Insights

What is work-life actually like?
See for yourself.
Get live insights to work-life from real employees.

Ask Questions to real employees

Have questions?
Ask them.
Get your burning questions answered by real employees.

Build a Career Plan

What actions to take now?
We’ll show you.
Build a personalised career plan with your E-Mentors.

How it works

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What other students are saying

  • "I want true insights from employees in the roles I'm interested in, as well as the expectations employers have of me after graduating. It would massively improve my preparedness for specific job application processes."
    MelissaMelissaUniversity Student
  • "My school careers service is okay, but it would be better to receive advice directly from companies too. I'd like to know exactly what they're looking for and what is actually involved in the roles on offer."
    AlexSchool Student
  • "Sometimes my school careers advisor couldn't really help as they haven't got much knowledge on the career path I want to follow. It would be great to get a real insight to what work life is like because you get to see the environment you are actually going to be working in!"
    SophieSophieYear 12 Student
  • "So far, I haven’t really had a memorable experience with an employer. My school has arranged for us to travel to careers fairs and talks, but the information wasn’t that in-depth. It was pretty basic. The careers websites that are currently out there also don’t provide enough in-depth information. I’d like information tailored to me, not just general information on careers."

Craft your career with advice from real employees

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