Build a pipeline of highly-engaged students, whilst enhancing your social brand

We want to make it easy for you to implement company-wide employee engagement & social impact programmes with zero disruption. Be part of our community of world-class employee E-Mentors and get access to a pipeline of highly-compatible students for your company. 

Get discovered by highly-engaged, well-prepared & compatible Millennial / Gen Z students

 Detect and engage a pipeline of likely future top performers

Unlimited potential outreach to underserved students

Online training & full support for your employee e-mentors

 Increase employee engagement

 Reach and exceed your objectives for CSR / volunteer hours 

Bolts on to your existing offering for student outreach, employee engagement & CSR

 Zero workplace disruption

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Prospela has been the perfect e-mentoring solution for the outreach ACCESS: VFX does across the UK and Northern Ireland. Having the luxury to offer meaningful industry mentorship at the ‘click of a button’ has meant we can remain true to our diversity and inclusion goals. Feedback from both mentors and mentees has been overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to connecting more talented people to the scheme!

– Simon Devereux, Founder & Director ACCESS:VFX

Your employees can have a lasting impact.

Impact from our latest TeachFirst programmes:

of students said they had a positive impression of their e-mentor’s company culture & values

of our students & mentors use us every single day!

of students said Prospela has been the most authentic, personalised insight they’ve had to the world of work so far

of students said they can now identify specific & relevant workforce skills to develop for their future after planning with their e-mentor

How does it work?

Employees can mentor anytime, anywhere from any device. No lost work days or travel costs. They’ll be trained & fully supported to assist underserved students (aged 13-25+ from a diverse range of backgrounds) seeking careers advice, insights and inspiration through 1-to-1 conversation.

By sharing inspirational everyday moments as they go about their working day, your employees will help these students make informed careers choices. They’ll enhance their own leadership skills and, gain first-hand management experience looking after their own students.

Students will learn what skills are valued by employers like you. They’ll discover new roles & companies, and be better matched to the roles they ultimately decide upon.

Get discovered by highly-engaged and compatible Millennial / Gen Z students

 Let students discover you
Don’t be limited to your local school/university network. Get in front of Students from a range of backgrounds and locations.

 Directly reach highly-compatible students
Our students want to get their foot in the door. You could be there when they’re making important career decisions.

Your own career landscape & peers - Mentors

Employee engagement vLatest

Employee engagement radiated throughout your business 

 More motivated and committed employees
80% of Millennials would be more engaged if their employer makes a positive impact on society. Uptake is high for mentoring, specifically.

 Proven leadership & management skills development
Employees will develop leadership skills and gain first-hand management experience.

 Easily meet employee CPD requirements
Mentoring can contribute towards CPD requirements for numerous professional bodies.

 We bolt on quickly & easily to your existing offering
Seamless integration with your existing student outreach / employee engagement / CSR programmes.

Exceed your CSR objectives with zero disruption

Your employees can E-Mentor anytime, anywhere
No time off work or travel costs required to volunteer.

 Easily exceed your CSR / volunteering hour objectives
Your employees will be supporting a variety of schools and students as they go about their working day.

See your impact and track CSR hours easily
Real-time feedback from students & evidence of impact.

Grow, and increase the potency of, your school network
You’ll have limitless potential outreach, connecting with schools / students from a range of backgrounds and locations vs. a one-off in-school speech or careers fair.

Enhance your brand with increased social responsibility
Become a pioneer for closing the education / employment skills gap and attract employees, partners and customers with similar values.

Multi Device - mentor anytime, anywhere

Acting as a mentor [in schools] can support the development of communication, creativity, leadership and cultural awareness [in employees].  

– Sir Ken Robinson

What are employees, students & teachers saying?

  • "I can't engage in mentoring in-person due to my existing commitments, but I'd be happy to engage with multiple students online."
    SijiSijiGrowth Director, Digital Marketing Agency
  • "I've thoroughly enjoyed e-mentoring with Prospela and seeing the progress in my students. I've felt very supported and the whole experience has been a no fuss and effective way to help the next generation."
    HarjHarjFinancial Planner, Global Manufacturing Company
  • "Mentoring puts into perspective where you are heading in your own career and gives you early experience of managing someone else. It's great that you can help disadvantaged students whilst doing well in your own career."
    HannahHannahAccountant, Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • "I have too many commitments to mentor in-person, but mentoring encourages me to be “in the know” and at the forefront of my line of work!"
    VickyVickyAccounts Director, PR & Marketing
  • "I can see Prospela becoming the next big thing for us students"
    JannatulJannatulAspiring Pharmacist & Youtube Vlogger
  • "An incredible, eye-opening, experience. Having had a mentor perfectly tailored to my career choice, it was refreshing to hear someone give you a no-nonsense view of what your career is going to be like, letting you know about all the highs and lows of the real world."
    ZubairZubairTrainee Accountant
  • It brightens my day up somewhat when I see my Prospela messages"
    SophieAspiring Radiographer & Comic Artist
  • "I hadn’t really had a memorable experience with an employer through school. They'd arranged for us to travel to careers fairs and talks, but the information wasn’t that in-depth or tailored to me."
  • "We've run out of employer contacts to come in and do career talks with our students."
    Teacher & Head of Sixth FormSchool in Central London
  • "Students really value speaking to professionals outside of the environment they are currently in. The main problem we see for students is lack of aspiration, as well as lack of access."
  • "Prospela is doing really valuable work in creating more accessible career networks."
    Head of Careers EnrichmentHead of Careers EnrichmentSchool in West London

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