Offer a world-class careers service, with frequent employer encounters

Prospela wants to help ALL schools and universities offer a world-class careers service, regardless of location or prestige. We bolt on seamlessly to your existing careers offering.

 Personalised employer encounters for every student

 A careers education grounded in workplace reality

Fulfill your statutory obligations & meet numerous Gatsby Benchmarks

Better utilize your Alumni & Parent networks

We bolt on seamlessly to your existing careers offering

A controlled, closely monitored and safe online environment for students

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Curiosity is the engine of achievement.  

– Sir Ken Robinson

How does it work?

You decide how many and which of your Students participate. They’ll access support whenever and wherever they like from fully-trained E-Mentors in a fully safeguarded online environment.

Students will get regular, live insights directly from real employees as they go about their working day in 1:1 monitored channels. Through seeing the small, everyday steps professionals take and through live chat, they’ll enjoy invaluable career insights and inspiration on a regular basis.

They’ll build an actionable career plan, utilising E-Mentor advice to determine which moves they can make today to get into their dream careers. 

School Steps Flow Chart

Personalised employer encounters for every student

 Frequent and on-demand employer encounters
No more reliance on hard-to-organise one-off employer speeches or impersonal online “career” quizzes.

 Matched with E-Mentors based on skills & interests
Students can discover new careers, explore highly relevant pathways and link classroom learning to future opportunities.

 Inspire students towards further study / training
Students currently in Further Education share advice and inspiration to younger students.

E-Mentor for every student vLatest

Insights from Real employee mentors vFina

A careers education grounded in workplace reality

 Grow, and increase the potency of, your employer network
At the click of a button, you’ll have access to professionals across a broad range of industries and locations.

 Trained E-Mentors offer insights throughout their working day
Students can make informed careers choices and learn about the skills valued by employers.

Students can build skills employers actually want
Witness skills in action and link back to classroom learning

 Keep up-to-date with the current job market
You’ll have direct access to professionals in current roles and sectors, utilizing the latest skills in the job market.

Fulfill your statutory obligations & meet numerous Gatsby Benchmarks

Focus on outcomes & actions, as well as enjoyment
Students get support building an actionable career plan, based on tried and tested resources.

 Independent and impartial careers advice from trained E-Mentors
Our volunteer employee E-Mentors are fully-trained in E-mentoring and child safeguarding.

 See the impact of employee mentoring
Get evidence of student activity & real-time feedback and enjoy improved student engagement, behaviour & self-confidence.

Meet Gatsby Benchmarks vFinal

Secure online community for Students vLatest

A safe online environment for students

Our platform is closely controlled and monitored. All E-Mentors are fully-trained and, where they have the opportunity to interact with Students aged under 16 years, are fully background checked.

We bolt on seamlessly to your existing careers offering

 We complement your existing mix of career resources
Such as work experience, online quizzes, one-off in-person employer speeches.

 No travel or set time commitments required
Students can access support at any time, from wherever they like (on desktop and mobile). No distractions from exams or Ofsted inspections.

 No existing employer network required
We’ll help you build one with minimal time & cost.

Bolt On to existing careers offering

What are employees, students & teachers saying?

  • "I can't engage in mentoring in-person due to my existing commitments, but I'd be happy to engage with multiple students online."
    SijiSijiGrowth Director, Digital Marketing Agency
  • "I've thoroughly enjoyed e-mentoring with Prospela and seeing the progress in my students. I've felt very supported and the whole experience has been a no fuss and effective way to help the next generation."
    HarjHarjFinancial Planner, Global Manufacturing Company
  • "Mentoring puts into perspective where you are heading in your own career and gives you early experience of managing someone else. It's great that you can help disadvantaged students whilst doing well in your own career."
    HannahHannahAccountant, Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • "I have too many commitments to mentor in-person, but mentoring online encourages me to be “in the know” and at the forefront of my line of work!"
    VickyVickyAccount Director, PR & Marketing
  • "I can see Prospela becoming the next big thing for us students"
    JannatulJannatulAspiring Pharmacist & Youtube Vlogger
  • "An incredible, eye-opening, experience. Having had a mentor perfectly tailored to my career choice, it was refreshing to hear someone give you a no-nonsense view of what your career is going to be like, letting you know about all the highs and lows of the real world."
    ZubairZubairTrainee Accountant
  • "It brightens my day up somewhat when I see my Prospela messages"
    SophieAspiring Radiographer & Comic Artist
  • "I hadn’t really had a memorable experience with an employer through school. They'd arranged for us to travel to careers fairs and talks, but the information wasn’t that in-depth or tailored to me."
  • "We've run out of employer contacts to come in and do career talks with our students."
    Teacher & Head of Sixth FormSchool in Central London
  • "Students really value speaking to professionals outside of the environment they are currently in. The main problem we see for students is lack of aspiration, as well as lack of access."
  • "Prospela is doing really valuable work in creating more accessible career networks. The Prospela team are also amazing at making things as simple as possible for school staff."
    Head of Careers EnrichmentHead of Careers EnrichmentSchool in West London
  • "Prospela is very well designed & simple to use. Prospela not only makes students more aware of the day to day running of their chosen career but also encourages them to start thinking about how to have professional conversations with adults, which perhaps before this encounter they had not done outside their family circles and school."
  • "Prospela has been a simple and invaluable way for our undergraduates to connect with high calibre industry professionals in order to gain insights into the world of work and how to succeed in their search for placements and graduate roles. We would thoroughly recommend their service to both Schools and Universities.”

A world class careers service at your fingertips.