Do well by doing good, as a volunteer E-Mentor
Prospela is building a world-class platform of E-mentors to give all students (regardless of background or location) genuine insights to everyday career activities and their first professional network to help them get their foot in the door.

Mentor students anytime, anywhere, as little or often as you like

 Help level the playing field for disadvantaged students

Better understand your own career landscape

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Mentoring has a significant and observable impact on behaviour, attainment and progression [including avoidance of criminality, drug abuse and school exclusions].  

– Careers & Enterprise Company

How does it work?

You could be an experienced CEO or a young Apprentice, working full-time, part-time or self-employed – students want to hear about your working life and career experiences!

By sharing the small, everyday steps you take, you’ll give students (aged 13-25+) invaluable career insights and inspiration that isn’t usually available to them.

With your online advice in 1-on-1 conversations, they’ll build an actionable career plan to help determine which moves they can make today to get into their dream careers.

You can choose to communicate anonymously, with or without your employer knowing and delete at any time.

Mentor Steps Flow Chart

Mentor students anytime, anywhere

 No set time commitments
You’re in complete control to mentor as much or as little as you like, whenever you like 

 No travel required
Mentor directly from your mobile, from wherever you like 

Multi Device - mentor anytime, anywhere

Level the playing field for Students

Help level the playing field for disadvantaged students

 We’ll train you to help students make informed career decisions
Your experience in the workplace is invaluable in helping students get off on the right foot. 

 Help teachers offer a better careers education
Share your experience of workplace reality. 

 See the impact of your work
Get reactions & feedback direct from students in real-time

At-risk young people are more likely to want a mentor, but less likely to have access to one.  

– The National Mentoring Partnership

Better understand your own career landscape & peers

 Gain better insights to your own career path
Helping students make important career decisions helps you reflect on your own too

 Experience what it’s like to manage someone
Mentoring students is great practice for aspiring managers

 Develop your leadership skills
You’ll regularly flex your communication, creativity, motivation and flexibility skills! 

 Mentoring may contribute to your CPD requirements
CPD requirements for many professional bodies with minimal cost / disruption.

Your own career landscape & peers - Mentors

What are other mentors & teachers saying?

  • "I can't engage in mentoring in-person due to my existing commitments, but I'd be happy to engage with multiple students online."
    SijiSijiGrowth Director, Digital Marketing Agency
  • "I've thoroughly enjoyed e-mentoring with Prospela and seeing the progress in my students. I've felt very supported and the whole experience has been a no fuss and effective way to help the next generation."
    HarjHarjFinancial Planner, Global Manufacturing Company
  • "It's important to be able to see the continued impact that you're having on students to know whether or not you're actually helping your Mentees."
    JamesJamesDirector, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • "Mentoring puts into perspective where you are heading in your own career and gives you early experience of managing someone else. It's great that you can help disadvantaged students whilst doing well in your own career."
    HannahHannahAccountant, Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • "We've run out of employer contacts to come in and do career talks with our students."
    Teacher & Head of Sixth FormSchool in West London
  • "Existing online careers advice is too general and often "info overload" for students. They need more role models, especially as some students don't have any at home."
    TeacherSchool in North London
  • "Students really value speaking to professionals outside of the environment they are currently in. The main problem we see for students is lack of aspiration, as well as lack of access."
  • "When it comes to career planning for students, lack of time at school is our No. 1 problem."
  • "I have too many commitments to mentor in-person, but mentoring online encourages me to be “in the know” and at the forefront of my line of work!"
    VickyVickyAccount Director, PR & Marketing
  • "Prospela is doing really valuable work in creating more accessible career networks. The Prospela team are also amazing at making things as simple as possible for school staff."
    Head of Careers EnrichmentHead of Careers EnrichmentSchool in West London

Do well by doing good.

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